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I had to wait a couple pordeo of weeks and then I got a text from an unknown number. It was simpy an address and the name of Tony. I ran up the stairs and got into the shower with a focus on rock hard cock. Running towards me and jumped in my car. Why did not I on the way, I do not know and not what is expected from the last time. knocked on the door and Tony answered in seconds. He greeted me and told me to go up. On the bed was an envelope with my name on it. I opened it and read it with great enthusiasm. He instructed me to undress and go to the bathroom. The bathroom was anotherr piece of paper in the mirror. I was told to shave my cock, balls and legs. Why, I do pordeo not know, but I did as instructed, and then went back into the bedroom. Another clue was to tell me to go down. When I came down, I realized that Tony was not alone. pordeo There anoother type, major, and very courageous. 'I told you,' Tony said : ' This will not benothing. ' I thought I should fight again, but my erection was a bit of a gift. With these words, the other man took off his pants and told me to come and lick his ass. I did what I said and began to gently lick the first probe and then further in the ass with my tongue. I put myself in the thigh and pulled out a hand around his penis. it was pretty short, but very thick. ' it's not like that,' he said, and I advised he did not want to go to the light. He let me continue his butt for a few minutes and then told me to bend over the table. I pordeo had just finished when I felt the pressure of his cock in my ass and I gasped as extended, as I never bent pordeo before. I thought it was a rag doll without pressing concern for me a joy, but after a minute, I grimace to moan, and I started it. 's when I opened my eyes and saw Tony. he was smiling like crazy and took a step back to show a webcam. I was used and available to allwas seen. Exactly why this madman and me soon back more fat man's breathing was heavy and shot in my ass. I clenched my muscles with all their strength to the last drop, and keep his cock softening in me as long as possible. The fat man quickly dressed and left. Tony then offered his cock in my mouth and I sucked for all he was worth. He came quickly and I drank the last drop. Then he told me the camera shake. I did what I said and took second place. I have to lick my juices and told me to go upstairs and get dressed. I had changed my boxers a white belt pordeo and said that in the future I would go to them and keep his clean-shaven at all times. I left the house, desperate to get the following.
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